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Dara Pearce, Fractured Pelvis, Tendon Injuries, Cellulitis, Injury Recovery

This is Surf Furr’s account, from his owner, Dara Pearce. We’ve started it with the GOOD NEWS first and have listed her updates in reverse to the beginning of Surf’s story:

Jan 16, 2017: I'm happy to say this will be my last "Surf update" regarding his healing progress and condition after his shipping ordeal. I am so humbled to report there was no movement felt upon palpation of his pelvis, which means he was cleared and we finally get to say it- he is HEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't but 10 weeks ago Surf Furr arrived, knocking on deaths door with pneumonia and colitis, a broken pelvis, fractured coffin bone and extensive damage to the tendons in his front left- aside from the cellulitis that developed from the wounds on that leg, blowing up three times the size and eventually sluffing all the hair off from the knee down over the following two weeks.

I have absolutely NO doubt I would not have this horse had we not taken the utmost precautions and called a vet to see him immediately. I also have no ounce of doubt that the use of his Hidez suit and Hidez ice/compression socks contributed to 99% of his speedy recovery. These products are miracles workers. I honestly do not know why ANY horse owner would not have a Hidez suit on hand to use in ANY type of emergency or long term healing/recovery plan. From increasing circulation to promote steady healing of a broken pelvis to helping a horse stabilize who is in the middle of colic!!!!!!! They've 100% made a believer out of me. I will never be without a Hidez suit and all their products.

And last but certainly not least, this entire saga was watched over and blessed by our kind and loving Heavenly Father. There were many prayers lifted up for this horse. We are thankful, to those who prayed for him and to our Lord and Savior for hearing them. I am forever in His debt for allowing my life to be graced with this magnificent creature I call my blue zebra. And this is only the beginning.

Dec 9, 2016: Surf 🌊 update!!!!

The blue zebra was sighted 👀 today out for a stroll in the sunshine. ☀️Today was a good day. 👍🏻 Also included are some new photos of his leg!!! 😯 He even has some peach fuzz coming back on it.👌🏻He got a break from his Hidez suit so I could wash it and got a little ice/compression ❄️ therapy with his Hidez socks on all limbs. 💪🏻 He is still broken, 🤕 but appears to be healing rather quickly! 🙏🏻 Thank you all for your prayers- they've been more helpful than I even know.

Nov 26, 2016:

I couldn't hardly wait to show y'all this!!!

First video was taken about a week ago- approximately two weeks into this ordeal and in obvious pain. Second video was taken this morning. Wow!!!! Look at him go!! This is the BEST he has walked since stepping foot off that trailer!!!! After wearing that suit for less than 24 hours!!!! He was even playing with me today!!!! Praise the Lord!!! 🙏🏻

I know this isn't a miracle/cure-all suit, we still have a long way to go, but that he appears to be the most comfortable he's been since arriving is a HUGE stride in the right direction.


Nov 25, 2016: Surf Furr representing Hidez compression active suit to hopefully speed up his recovery process with his broken pelvis. This thing really is the coolest. Surf dropped his head, yawned and started licking before I ever got his back legs done up. He took two HUGE breaths and a big poop 💩 after I got it all done up. I think he likes it!!!! Stealing a quote from Kate as I think she said it best... "incentive to get better... you don't want to look like a blue zebra.. heal!!" 😆😂

But my oh my if he doesn't make the blue zebra look good!!! Seriously though buddy, heal!

What happened to Surf Furr? Here’s his story:

Neglectful horse hauler...

Surf Furr left Ohio Monday evening. He was to have one lay over and rest and then would be to me. I was not once contacted by the shipper from Monday to Thursday to let me know he had my horse and when to anticipate his arrival. Many pleas from me later to have shipper call me, he finally does- ONE HOUR before he is dropping off!!! He has had him for 3 days and not once let either of us know what was going on!!!! As I arrived to the barn Surf Furr had been unloaded and put on a walker and shipper was already pulling out of the farm!! He had a full trailer load, with five other horses in the trailer. He hands me the horses papers and says the horse is crazy. Puzzled look on my face, as this horse is not supposed to be "crazy..." I say thank you and he pulls out. As I get closer to Surf Furr I can see he is obviously limping! I get out to inspect him and much to my horror it is far worse than just a little limp. He is covered in sweat and blood. He has a swollen front leg from ankle all the way up to his elbow. Very obviously in pain. Cuts above his eye that were not fresh, in fact they were starting to dry out (in other words- they didn't JUST happen). This horse is not crazy and was relieved when I took him off the walker to pet on him a little. Upon offering him water, he drank 4 buckets until I had to cut him off! I immediately called previous owner to tell him what's going on. Message of unsatisfactory performance was received by shipper and he CAME BACK to take pics for himself of the horse!!!!! I had already started to clean him up by then. I wasn't very nice in my conversation with him at the time.... He didn't say anything to me.

Skip a few hours of us caring for and cleaning him up. His leg continues to swell, very obviously in pain and becoming worse. We have pain meds and let him rest overnight. He had two bowel movements overnight to which were complete liquid. He has not touched much grain and hay since his arrival.

The next morning, we had the vet out immediately because the leg has swelled to twice the size it was yesterday and the obvious sound of his labored breathing seriously alarmed us. Vet arrives, 102 fever. Listen to his breathing and it sounds like a freight train is rolling through his lungs. We take radiographs of front leg, hoof, ankle and knee. Thank you Lord, all was clean. No fractures of break. He has sever cellulitis though and several cuts oozing serum. Poor guy.... The most alarming and concerning problem is the pneumonia and colitis. To have both and to treat both at the same time is dangerous. So my concern went from the outside of him to what's happening on the inside. It will be touch and go and VERY close monitoring of him over the weekend. We are hoping just to make him comfortable.

Hidez Products with Bobbi-Jo


Ash recovering in her Hidez burn equine helped with Hidez hidez helps burn victim with recovery
Ash and her borrowed Hidez Ash 1 month after the fire

early in healing process

4 months of healing

Ash - March 2016

In late November 2015 a devastating fire came through my practice area. Several horses died or were severely burned. Adelaide Plains Equine Clinic treated several horses for weeks and in one case over 4 months. The daily treatments consisted of removal of dead skin and wrapping burned limbs which had to be done under sedation. Pain control and prevention of infections was also instituted.

One owner, Kylie Kemp, had four horses that were among the worst of the burned victims. Kylie had previously purchased Hidez suits for her horses. When her first horse had started to show significant healing we put on his pre-fitted suit. I was very dubious for several reasons including the dark colour, pressure on the wounds and excessive heat generated by wearing “clothing” in our summer temperatures.
I noticed that the first horse actually showed no significant aversion to placement, and appeared quite comfortable in the suit. The temperatures at that time were quite hot  (> 37°C or 100° F) and while that horse had access to shade, he seemed to prefer to stand in the sun with his suit on. He sweated on his shoulder but not under his suit.

The second horse, Ash, that also had a premade Hidez suit was much more severely burned and we were unable to put the suit on her as soon as we would have liked. At one point we did put it on her and she trotted around for several minutes when she had her evening turnout after the sun went down. That was the first time she showed significant movement. Ash had large areas on her body which had burned but were now covered in thin hairless skin and would burn easily. She was a magnet for biting flies, and her tail was a lethal weapon which she used to assault her itchy skin.
Initially Ash was too burned in several areas to wear the Hidez more than a day at a time but gradually she could wear it more and more. The back of her front legs had cracked and were very hard to initiate any healing, but gradually much of her legs were covered in skin.
When we could finally leave the Hidez on all the time she finally found freedom. She could stay out in the sun all day and we moved her out of the barn into a large pen where she could run and play. We were also able to reduce the bandages and increase the intervals in between bandage changes.

The Hidez dramatically reduced the cost of care for Ash and increased her daily comfort during this ongoing healing process. I am in love with these suits for equine burn patients.

Permission to reproduce provided to Bobbi-Jo Blake, Authorized Hidez Agent, for publication by:
Elizabeth Woolsey Herbert DVM
Adelaide Plains Equine Clinic
1951 Two Wells Rd
Gawler SA 5118 Australia

61 08 8523 4777 

61 0409505205

SKYPE 1 707 703 1474

Hidez Products with Bobbi-Jo

Chanda Nichols Moore,  Dec 2015

A big thank you to Kaitlyn Prentice, Bobbi-Jo Blake, and Hidez for keeping Howee sound and ready to roll!! Blessed to have this product and keeping our horses feeling their best!!! Chloey and Coy had a successful rodeo weekend, with Coy winning the barrels yesterday!!!

hidez barrel racing

Hidez Products with Bobbi-Jo

Kaitlyn Prentice, Dec 2015 - Veterinary/ Recovery Use of Hidez Products

Just a little over a month and a half HIDEZ has helped this mare get back to being able to be herself. BB nicked her tendon and had to have her leg stitched back together! After 14 day the pressure wrap and stitches got to come out and the HIDEZ Compression Socks went on. Using the socks it helped the swelling to stayed down and the wound heal up! Whooaa, it's getting closer to getting to leg her back up! This is only one of the ways HIDEZ has help an injury!! Thank you HIDEZ!! Thank you Amanda for taking care of her!


Hidez Products with Bobbi-Jo

Lauren Ashleigh, October 2015 - Veterinary/ Recovery Use of Hidez Products

So this was how we (Stephen Sinderberry, Des Hunt) spent our Monday of the long weekend! 2yo mare caught herself on a gate post and this was the result. After 4.5 hours of work Bec Caslick did an amazing job and managed to get it back together. Fingers crossed it heals!!
Will keep you all updated on her progress - plan is to put her in a HIDEZ compression suit thanks to Bobbi-Jo Blake.

Hidez for Veterinary uses

Oct 8 update: Update on our flighty little filly! This afternoon we put her into a HIDEZ travel & recovery compression suit. The idea is that the compression will help control swelling and improve circulation to increase the "sticking" of her reattached skin. She was an angel! Thanks again Bec Caslick and Bobbi-Jo Blake. Another update will be coming next week when we take the suit off to see how the healing is going!

Hidez Veterinary Uses

Hidez Products with Bobbi-Jo

Kate Szukelewicz, November 2015

I cannot thank Hidez /Bobbi-Jo Blake enough for all of the help with my Hidez products . With the use of the Travel & Recovery suit, my mare traveled comfortably 12 hours in a trailer to the Elite Barrel Race in Waco, TX.  She made 5 runs over three days, with one of her fastest times being the fourth run of the weekend!   She stayed in her travel & recovery suit or her active suit, mask and ice compression socks.  She never stocked up or appeared sore or stiff.    To top that off, two weeks later, on the coldest weekend of the year, spent all three days in a half-sized stall area modeling her custom active suit for Hidez. She ran all three days in her active suits and even though there was little time to warm up and stretch out, on her third consecutive run, she ran in the top 15 of 185 horses.   I am sold on the Hidez compression suits and this mare's performance is more than enough proof for me.

I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to spend time with you while you were in America! Keep up the great work!

Master Bugs Beduina Custom Hidez Active Suit hidez custom active suit


Hidez Products with Bobbi-Jo

Tenielle Middleton, August 2014

Would like to thank Hidez Bobbi-Jo Blake. Yesterday jimmy travelled 2100km in 24 hours. With his suit he unloaded as fresh as he loaded up. He travelled in the NT heat and it didn't sweat once. I highly recommend these suits for your horses

Hidez Products with Bobbi-Jo

Paula Heath Mills and Cyclone Charlotte, Feb 2015

On the 7th of Feb this year, my mare Cyclone Charlotte aka CC had an accident with a star picket resulting in lung and muscle damage. pretty much a huge hole behind her near side girth. After getting her home I started the treatments and used everything that would help her heal from change in diet and machines plus bandaging etc. Then I invested in a Hidez suit the compression really helped hold the bandage and saved me in bandage costs. In a short eleven weeks the wound looks amazing plus she looks so comfy in her suit plus feels really good too!

Thankyou Hidez Bobbi-Jo Blake for being part of CC's Recovery!

Hidez Products with Bobbi-Jo

colic surgery recovery  with Hidez

Hawkesbury Equine Veterinary Centre's photo, May 7, 2015

Here is a photo of our miracle horse Snippy who has recovered from having 15 feet of small intestine removed at colic surgery from a strangulating lipoma. It was a long hard road but he has finally gone home and he has been warmly welcomed by both his horse and human friends.

Hidez Products with Bobbi-Jo

Kaitlyn Prentice with Shooter (USA) , June 2014

Shooter keeps getting stronger and stronger daily! Today we did 3 miles and boy did he want to go more!! I think he is wanting to come back faster than I want him to come back! I can't say enough good words about the Hidez compression gear, from the time we could take the rap off his leg to after every workout he has his Hidez on! It's great for the increase of blood flow, keeps lactic acid out of the muscles and let's him cool down the way he needs to!! I have seen the suit take swelling out that nothing else could! Shooter looks for his suit when he walks into the barn! Every week Hidez users submit a long list of shows being won, the miles covered and the horses can go week to week to week! It comes to show a true meaning of the Hidez name!! Keep up the good work!

Hidez Products with Bobbi-Jo


The Hidez team is driven, determined and passionate about research and development to seek out the latest technologies to ensure that the original Hidez animal compression suit provides a benefit for all animals. Don’t just take our word for it. .

Stuart Tinney - Showjumper


Stuart Tinney is an Olympic equestrian rider, who competes for Australia. He won a team gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics and also competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Stuart talks Hidez animal compression suits.


Emily-May Streckfuss - Veterinarian -Endurance Rider


Emily-May Streckfuss Veterinarian and Endurance Competitor talks on Hidez Animal compression suits. Emily-May a full time veterinarian has  assisted in the design and testing of our Hidez compession suit  from day one.


Kelvin Johnson - Polo


Kelvin Johnston , International polo playing professional talks Hidez animal compression suits .Kelvin started playing polo in Queensland and has played in UK.Argentina.Thailand , New Zealand and India as well as representing Australiia on numerous occassions.
He plays regularly in both the UK and Australia.


Jon McNair - Trainer

John McNair ,Racehorse Trainer,talks Hidez animal compression suit."You see a lot of cyclist, footballers and other sports people use them.They are designed to aid recovery and help with muscle fatigue." We have been using the suit on Hay List and it  has made a hugh difference"









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